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Hello! This is a blog with lots of different fan art and gifs of the anime mahou shoujo madoka magica. Feel free to message me. ^_^ . I don't own anything unless stated.

My personal blog



Starting to get the hang of digital…And I can’t wait for this show!
Let the Magical Girl rule spread world wide!

I cannot thank gracekraft enough for this incredible “Steven Magica” sketch. Her pieces at the Steven Universe Exhibit were my absolute favorite, and one even moved me to tears. It was so wonderful to meet you, Grace!

ahhhh this is so adorable ! I love this!


Thanks to ’Squirrel On A Wire’ for the video and ‘Rad Star’ for the post on Tumblr

Basically just the Star vs. The Forces of Evil clip itself (not one small segment from the hour long Gravity Falls panel)

An Adventure time dance montage Amv I made. 

Song: SpekrFreks & Relentless - Apollo (Farleon Remix)

Youtube Version